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Dhol Alliance is an elite dhol collective based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At Dhol Alliance, we are extremely passionate about what we do. Our drummers are no new comers to the dhol entertainment scene; most of the senior drummers have over a decade of experience in dhol entertainment. Our drummers are some of the most sought after dhol players in the region having won numerous awards and competitions. Dhol Alliance has years of experience performing with and sharing the stage with many famous and highly acclaimed artists/musicians both on the national and international stage.  Dhol Alliance prides itself to extremely high quality dhol playing and showmanship, leaving audiences wanting more each and every time with their thunderous beats. Dhol Alliance has entertained a wide range of audiences around the world, providing unforgettable performances.Dhol Alliance is open for bookings for all sorts of events ranging from music festivals to private events, both locally and internationally. All the drummers at Dhol Alliance are trained to the highest standards. Years of experiences allows Dhol Alliance to professionally tailor their services to your requirements. Rest assured, when you engage Dhol Alliance, you are engaging a professional dhol powerhouse. Expect drummers dressed in elegant costumes, delivering powerful and energetic performances. Dhol Alliance is not your average dhol group, we are a premium collective. Everything that we do, from costume selection right up to show delivery on stage is carefully planned out to ensure that we are always one step above the rest and leading the way in the high end dhol entertainment. Modern day drummers with traditional bhangra roots, makes every performance an electrifying and exhilarating experience. At Dhol Alliance, we play with soul, we play with a message and we play with talent