Bhindee B, renowned as one of the finest dhol entertainers in the industry and known as the crowd pleaser began his musical journey at the tender age of 11 under the Dhol Federation Academy. Soon after which, he was spotted for his talent and took on many stages. Ever since, he has been unstoppable striving from one gig to another. Bhindee B has perfomed in a number of countries and has also performed alongside and featured with a string of great local and international artist such as Vibes of Punjabi, Monsoon, Gunjit Gunz, Herby Dhillon, Reshmonu aka Resh, K-Town Klan, Goldkartz, Aman Hayer , Angrej Ali, Manak-E, Surj RDB, Deep Money, Jaz Dhami, Bups Saggu, Jati Cheed, Apache Indian, H-Dhami, Arjun Artist and Shin DCS. Bhindee’s greatest musical inspirations are Gurdas Maan and King Gurcharan Mall. Bhindee B endeavours to share his passion of the dhol drum with as many audiences and as far wide as possible. 


Sandeep Kaur Bal was first introduced to the punjabi arts scene at the tender age of 15. Sandeep was then enrolled into the Dhol Federation Academy. It is not often that you stumble upon a female dhol player who possesses great love for the punjabi arts and wanting to inspire more females in picking up this art. Sandeep is currently pursuing a career in law and takes King Gurcharan Mall as her inspiration.


When he first picked up the dhol in 2008, he has never looked back. Countless hours of practice from YouTube videos and hearing bhangra songs, he finally decided to join classes with Keeran D. Under his guidance, he completed his course within 6 months and after 3 years, he was finally initiated as a drummer for the Malaysian Dhol Federation. Over the years, not only did he progress well and enhanced his skills as a dhol player, his passion for dhol grew as well. In 2010, he placed 3rd in a dhol competition organized by Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia. Born with natural creative talent, he soon started performing as a bhangra performer for Bhangra Federation and kicked off his professional photography career thereafter. Highly dedicated and disciplined, he puts 100% effort and goes the extra mile in anything he does. His sense of style and perfectionism never fails to shine on stage with his fellow drummers and amaze the crowd with his energetic moves and expressions.


Simren Gill has been deemed the first female Dhol player in Malaysia. Her interest for dhol sparked when she used to see her brother performing. Eventually the curiosity in her made her dabble in dhol playing herself.  She initially started off by listening to her brother play and she could replicate the beats easily. At 16, she decided to enrol herself in the prestigious Dhol Federation Academy. Within months she made her debut and became the talk of the town. Her elegance on stage never fails to capture the audience. Simren has performed alongside Reshmonu for the 50th Merdeka Celebration at The Curve where 20,000 people were present. She also had the honour of performing with Gurdaas Maan and was part of the International Women’s Day celebration where she showcased her talent for the First Lady, Datin Paduka Seri Hajjah Rosmah Mansor.


Manveer Singh is recognised for his high energy performances and has always had great devotion towards bhangra music ever since the young age of 10. Manveer began his dhol journey at the age of 18 as a student under the Dhol Federation Academy. After 9 years of passionately devoting his time to this art he has successfully performed along side various artist and musicians such as DesC, A-Slam, Nasir Khan, Manak E, Angrez Ali, Taz (Stereo Nation) as well as the late Kuly Rai from RDB. Manveer’s inspirations are King Gurcharan Mall and Johnny Kalsi.  


Darvesh has always wanted to play the Dhol ever since he was a young boy. He would always be in awe watching other dhol players performing. Seeing their energy and crowd cheering them on made him want to be a dhol player even more. Besides the Dhol, Darvesh also plays a number of different instruments like Tabla, Dholak, Bongo, Djembe, Cajun, Drum Set and several other percussions. Aside from playing instruments, Darvesh is a film graduate and a filmmaker.



Ravin Dholi was inspired to pick up the art of Dhol playing by watching the Malaysian Dhol Federation. He then enrolled under the Academy under the guidance of Master Keeran D. In pursuit of deeper knowledge, Ravin has also travelled to India to to learn the art under Ustad Kukki Jogi. Ravin was the former manager of Dhol Federation. Besides being a dhol player, Ravin has also ventured into producing music for the group. Ravin has many years of experience in performing with many local and international artists, both in Malaysia and abroad. 


Suraj Ruud is a senior member of the team, and has been performing for the past 10 years. Suraj began his musical journey in 2006 with the Dhol Federation Academy. In 2012, Suraj was part of the team that was crowned the National Dhol Champions. Suraj has performed extensively throughout the region and you would have always seen him with a Dhol around his shoulders. Outside Dhol, Suraj is a management consultant at Accenture, an adrenaline junkie and enjoys travelling. Suraj inspires to spread love and happiness, one gig at a time. 


Rajdeep Gill has always been an ardent fan of Punjabi arts and took the leap to joining the Dhol Federation Academy where he was fast to exhibit his vibrant performing style. Rajdeep has been passionately dhol drumming for 9 years.  Long since, he has performed on iconic stages locally and internationally with bands and artist such as Estranged, Herby Dhillon, Vibes of Punjab and Goldkartz. He takes inspiration from Dhol legends King Gurcharan Mall, Johnny Kalsi and Dips Soor. Rajdeep Gill has set out to spread the exuberance and vibrancy of the dhol drum.


Jasdev first got inspired to pick up the art of Dhol playing when used to watch his friends play at functions. Inspired, he too wanted to be able to play it and soon after enrolled himself in the Malaysian Dhol Federation Academy. Displaying great passion, Jasdev has since performed at numerous stages across Malaysia and inspires to be able to bring the Dhol to greater heights.  


Phagat was first introduced to music when his grandmother encouraged him to pick up the tabla at the young age of 4. Ever since then, his love towards indian music grew and soon enough he picked up the Dhol at the age of 13. 2 years before getting his very first Dhol, he picked up the instrument by himself to play along with his friends as they were dancing for a Bhangra team. After 2 years, he finally bought a Dhol and started classes under the guidance of Ravinderjit Singh a.k.a Ravin Dholi in the  Dhol Federation Academy. He was given the opportunity to be part of the Malaysian Dhol Federation upon completing his syllabus. In 2010, he was crowned as Malaysia’s Best Young Dhol Player and in 2013, he was awarded as 2nd runner up in the ‘Dholis Got Talent Malaysia’ which was awarded by King Gurcharan Mall. He looked up upon the seniors and ex senior member’s advice and guidance to boost his knowledge in becoming an excellent all round performer.